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A collection of fourteen horror tales set in and around the Nation’s Capital, Bill of Frights is the first anthology by The League of Eclectic Authors.  From ghostly apparitions and mortal fears to witches and diabolical demons – there’s something for everyone.

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Robin Masnick’s “Of Winter’s Curse” tells the story of a woman with a deadly secret and a desperate dilemma that she is unprepared to face.

Seeking answers from an estranged family, she uncovers the matrilineal wickedness of her ancestors.

Time is running out for the “Queen Of Winter”, and for the man she had dared to love.



“…Bill of Frights is a perfect addition to the creepy section of your short story shelf.  And when a good thunderstorm hits, pour yourself a little scotch, turn on the gas fire, and dig in.”  – Robert Ben Garant, screenwriter, Night at the Museum

“…In Bill of Frights you have 14 stories of horror, science fiction, paranormal, fantasy and speculative fiction, all tied in some wicked, wonderful way to the Washington area.” – Alma Katsu, author of the acclaimed Taker Trilogy


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