Author Bio

Renn profileRobin Masnick has been crafting stories for over thirty years.  Her debut short-story “Of Winter’s Curse” was published in Bill of Frights, a collection of fourteen horror tales set in the Washington, D.C./metro area.

A passionate bibliophile, Robin cultivated her own story-telling gifts during the hectic years of raising children and building a career.  As a single mother, she earned her B.S. in Computer Science and M.S. in Strategic Leadership.

After leading numerous project teams in Federal service for nearly two decades, Ms. Masnick retired to her country home to pursue Creative Writing along with a variety of other interests.

Robin Masnick lives with her husband and the “Honey Badger”, a modified 1993 Toyota 4Runner who chariots them on many wild and crazy adventures into the ‘bush’.