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Hollywood Movies – Entertainment or Hidden Agenda?

It seems like Hollywood has abandoned all pretense of producing an original story, or movie, that doesn’t push their ‘hidden agenda’.

Hubby and I recently went to our local movie theater, hoping that “Guardians of the Galaxy II” would be as entertaining as its predecessor.  We sat with buttered popcorn and blue-raspberry slushies at the ready, patiently waiting for the movie to start while the half hour of previews for this summer’s lineup played out before us.

What a disappointment!  One movie preview after another promised nothing but a regurgitation of the old; cleverly reworked to include the Liberal Left’s desired image for modern society.

Every heroine was of indiscriminate race, brown skinned, dark haired, possessed superior strength that could defeat any man, and was most likely gay – excuse me LGBT.  We did see one bleached-blond heroine in a trailer for  “Atomic Blond” whose character portrays a British super-spy that can fistfight like Rocky Balboa, dress like she just walked out of an underground sex club, and fornicate with both genders.

Now before you go all ballistic and start calling me a hater and a racist, hear me out.

Hollywood has an obsession with race, gender identity, and sexuality.

It’s Hollywood who has been overrun by haters and racists.  They hate everything that is traditionally American and they disparage the Caucasian race – particularly white “straight” men.  In their ideal view of the world – we should all be LGBT, non-Caucasian, and ruled by women who, incidentally, are all-knowing and morally superior to any man.

Personally, I have nothing against leading lady roles that characterize a “tough chick” persona.  But in every movie?  How boring!  The same goes for LGBT.  Why does every movie, and television sitcom, host at least one character or couple that are gay?  And all women as super smart, competent, and strong – but white men as the polar opposite?  I’ll tell you why.

Hollywood is sending us a political message – not entertainment.

It’s like they want to eradicate our past history, traditional American values, and the nuclear family.

Increasingly it’s bad to be “whitey” and cool to be “black”.  This strikes me as a move similar to the Liberals attack on our American South, when groups of loud-mouthed activists dubbed the southern flag as a banner for racism, demanding that age-old monuments and tributes to historic white people be removed because it’s “offensive” to modern-day thought, and be replaced or renamed for historic black people.

It’s like they want to erase the facts; that the American Civil War was not about slavery, that it was the Democratic Party who wanted segregation, and a Republican president who freed the slaves only to be later assassinated by a Democrat.  Yup, I can see why today’s Liberals a/k/a Democrats want to rewrite their history.

As we saw in “Guardians of the Galaxy II”, the nuclear family is again obsolete.  It’s your friends – your gang – that counts.  It is they alone who will always have your back when the chips are down.  See?  You CAN choose your family.  Because blood relatives are just broken, messy people who abuse, abandon, or otherwise torment you.

If all that isn’t bad enough, Hollywood is remaking old movies in today’s sub-cultural view.  All of them.  So not only do we suffer from a summer of regurgitation (is there truly nothing new under the sun?), but more proselytization.

Take a look at this year’s new release of “Wonderwoman”.  An iconic story that began life in a comic book.  Except that, now she is gay.

“Comic books [going] further left-wing has become a recurring headline. Comics from The Archies to Wonder Woman are pushing liberal ideas of flexible gender and sexuality,” … “This is just one more area that is no longer entertainment and has become propaganda.”

I have been slow to come to this realization, because propaganda is insidious.  It slowly permeates every corner of modern life with an incessant mission to overtake common ideas of what’s normal and acceptable for the mass majority of current culture.  In other words, they want sub-culture to become mainstream.

At first I saw Hollywood’s persistent effort to remake old iconic movies as tiresome, lacking in original thought, and prisoner to incompetent script-writers.

As a writer myself, I know how hard it is to bring something new to every story I write lest I fall into the trap of cliche or worse – the same old story, already told a hundred times over.

Yes – all writers use the same basic plots, but the successful ones find unique ways to tell the story.

For example, have you ever heard about the “lifeboat” scenario?  This is a classic story that places one or more people in a survival situation where they are stranded and placed in great jeopardy; think “The Walking Dead”, “Cabin in the Woods”, “Life of Pi”.  Each of these are vastly different stories, but they all follow the same basic plot.

Movies are no different.  They follow the same tenets of story-telling.  But remakes?  They aren’t new stories, just a twist on someone else’s previous work.  It’s an illusion of something new.  Classic story retold with modern film stars and new CGI…or is it only that?

Can you imagine the Harry Potter movies in a remake where Harry’s character is re-written as a gay girl, of unknown racial origin (but clearly NOT Caucasian), and Ron’s character as the strong, black male that Hollywood loves to extol (because we all know white males are really weaklings that need their wives to tie their shoes in the morning)?

Look at “Ghostbusters” as another example.  A classic of my children’s generation, remade into the image of “woman” as protagonists instead of men.  And if that isn’t enough of a twist for you, the writer made sure to include – within that group of heroines – a black woman (I refuse to be PC and say African-American) and another who is LGBT.  And let’s not forget the role of “Kevin”, a white male playing the role of ‘ditzy secretary’ which has been likened to “a Ken doll with the insides scooped out.”

Let me be clear.  Movies using LGBT, people of color, etc. in and of itself are all well and good.  It’s the hidden agenda that I have a problem with.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Hollywood doesn’t care about making good movies anymore.  They only care about propagating their political view of the world, one of which bears a striking resemblance to the Progressive Liberals insane narrative.

And to be frank, I’m tired of having their ideals forced on me with no respect for any differing viewpoint.  These liberals love to scream “free speech” but yet, strive to silence – or drown out – all opposing speech.

But I’m an adult who has the benefit of experience and can think for myself.  I can simply turn off the television and boycott Hollywood until sanity – or at the very least moderation – returns to the screen.  It’s the young who are being robbed, and they don’t even know it.  Our innocent youth are being victimized.

They are consistently brainwashed and battered by the Liberal agenda – for the entirety of their lives.  An extreme example of this phenomenon is in its similarity to the Hitler Youth during WWII, children who were systemically raised into a twisted belief system promulgated as true and moral, or Muslims raised from infant-hood to believe that genital mutilation is a necessity for young women.

I feel sorry for the generations of American youths who are not aware they are being barraged with subtle cues by those who wish to influence, and control, their perceived truths.  They go to these movies, glory in the wiz-bang CGI effects, and are oblivious to the hidden cultural messages that Hollywood is so entertainingly shoving down their throats.

All I can say is, “Buyer beware”.

Meanwhile, I’ll hold out for the return of true story-telling and real entertainment.





Writers, Actors, Performers… Stop alienating your fans!

Abuse of power, abuse of privilege, destroyer of dreams…  It’s hard to believe, but in this case?

I’m referring to Hollywood.

Joss Whedon is one such example, representative of an artist who abuses their vast media presence to broadcast personal – and inflammatory – political opinion.

Yes, this is nothing new.  And a growing trend for many years.  However, it seems like this practice has become less about personal opinion and more like a Liberal Left political tactic – as can be evidenced by Obama’s consistent use of Hollywood “stars” to promote his agenda, and most recently, their attempt to win Hillary a presidential election.

But here’s the rub.

Don’t these people, the writers-performers-producers, care that this type behavior destroys half of their own fan base?

I thought Whedon’s use of actors, that played Marvel Comics’ iconic characters in The Avengers, to create a television commercial that campaigned for his choice of presidential candidate a blatant disregard for fans with opposing opinion.

See Joss Whedon’s All-Star Hillary Clinton-Supporting Ad

Avengers director Joss Whedon has assembled an all-star team of Hillary Clinton supporters – including his superhero-portraying brethren like Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo and Don Cheadle – for a series of comedy videos encouraging similarly liberal-leaning groups to vote for Clinton on Election Day.”

But Clinton lost the election, and obviously Whedon – along with many others – are unhappy.  That’s no excuse for bad behavior or violent, disrespectful, personal attack.

Director Joss Whedon Calls Ivanka Trump a Dog

Regardless of whether Whedon was talking about our newly elected President Trump or his daughter – I find his statements intolerable and disgusting.  The article goes on to report:

“Shortly after Trump’s victory in November, Whedon said Trump cannot “cannot be allowed a term in office.”

“It’s not about 2018. It’s about RIGHT NOW,” he wrote.

The writer-producer has also used social media to attack other members of the Republican party.

Earlier this month, Whedon wrote on Twitter that he hoped House Speak Paul Ryan would be killed in a gruesome way…”

There are many other examples of ‘Hollywood gone wrong’, but I find Whedon’s behavior the most disheartening only because I have been such a long time fan of his work.  From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Firefly to The Avengers – his stories have created characters that took on lives, all their own.  But now?

The illusion has been shattered.  I can no longer enjoy these stories, for Whedon’s reality has tainted the dream.

Fiction writers, producers, artists of all kinds, weave their tapestries using threads of imagination and illumination.  They build worlds and breathe life into characters that do wondrous things – sometimes terrible, yes, but wondrous.  Yet all of it boils down to the same thing.  Creating stories (products) that entertain consumers of their work.

So, speaking now from a writer’s viewpoint – don’t we have a responsibility to ALL of our fans?

Perhaps in Joss’s case, he forgets that the same public that purchases his fiction – does not necessarily subscribe to the same “leftist” politics that he seems so intent in blasting out into the ether of public opinion.  I’m guessing he just doesn’t care, maybe due to an ego that has grown to match size with his bank account.

I, for one, refuse to spend one more red cent on anything he has produced – past or present – and now count him as a member of my personal list of *banned* former favorites, which is unfortunately growing in number.

This can serve as a message to all artists, everywhere, and especially to those of you working hard to cross the proverbial desert, hoping to dip even one toe into that vast ocean of stardom.  Don’t alienate your fans.

And to those who have grown ‘too big for their britches’?  Your inflated ego will only sustain you for a finite time.  Be prepared.  The fall from your golden pedestal is sure to be a doozy.