A New Year Beckons

I can feel potential in the blustery January wind. What does the future hold?

There’s an excitement building from within, an instinctual call to action, for what I have no idea but it’s there, simmering, despite the freezing temperatures outside my door.

It started on New Year’s Eve. Unlike the pitch darkness of last year’s countdown to midnight, we danced beneath the glow of a full-super-moon that lit up the nightscape so completely, we had little need for flashlights to guide our steps across a sparkling crust of new fallen snow.

Each hour after darkness fell we sent an array of mortars high into the sky and cheered as they burst into clusters of brightly colored fire – but we saved the best for last, for the grand finale, for the exact moment of 2018’s birth.

It was pure magic.

A supernatural gong had sounded, granting us a fresh start filled with love and light. We kissed and danced and laughed until the frigid cold sent us inside for warmed cider and a TV broadcast of New York City’s euphoric crowds in joyful celebration.

I feel as if this year holds the start of a new chapter.

The world is my oyster. I get to decide how and when and where I want to go and perhaps more importantly, who I want to spend my time with. This realization fills my heart with gratitude. It’s a simple truth, but one that many of us take for granted. This freedom to choose is a gift, nay – a luxury.

Let us take pause to remember past lives, to the tens of thousands who were not free to live lives of their own choosing.

Now this is not going to be another nauseating conversation about oppressed peoples or women’s suffrage. I’ll leave that for Social Media and news hounds with liberal agendas. I’m talking about HISTORY.

Recently I watched several shows with a common theme that set me to thinking. One was on Netflix about England’s (Protestant) King James who besides his effort to eradicate Catholics, persecuted innocent women in his belief that witches were conspiring to kill him. Another was on Amazon Prime, an episode from “Lore” depicting the real story behind the children’s’ rhyme:

“Are you a Witch, or are you a Fairy, or are you the wife of Michael Cleary?”

Come to find out, Michael Cleary – who owned his wife as was Irish law of the day – didn’t like that his wife had become successful in earning more income than he could (sewing and selling eggs), so he became convinced that the Fairies exchanged his wife with a changeling. He then proceeded to abuse his wife, in an effort to drive out the changeling, to the point of murder.

What do these stories have in common? They are peopled by victimized folks who have no power to control their lives.

Whether it is Catholic vs. Protestant, men vs. empowered women (witches!), nation vs. nation – Jews and Nazis, cats and dogs – it’s all the same concept. One side demonizes the other, often brutally, in order to achieve their own goals.

But that’s no surprise, right? In hindsight, we can clearly see who was right and who was wrong, shake our head at vicious atrocities and ignorant beliefs – all so easy to see when viewing history through a modern lens.

No, what struck me most was the fact that the very same behavior – as witnessed across all time – is still happening today, right at this very moment. We are history in the making.

Look at America’s current politics, or Europe’s, or the atrocities against women in the Middle East. Wash, rinse, repeat. We’ve seen this all before, time and time again. Doesn’t anyone learn from the past?

We are so blessed to be living in the year 2018.

I, for one, am thankful to not live like the women of 19th century, civilized society (or modern day Iraq for that matter). History shows they locked up strong, independent women in insane asylums – often instigated by their own husbands, who of course had that right since men controlled their wife’s every move, and apparently their thoughts too.

But it’s not just historic men or patriarchy that is to blame. Let us not forget the cruelty of “other” women who attack She that is different, or more beautiful than herself. There’s a reason why we have so many fairy tales along that theme and why women are likened to cats…with very sharp claws.

So I ask you – do two wrongs make a right?

Should modern women emasculate men in some weird sort of payback? How about the war on Christianity? I’ve actually heard people claim that modern Christians “have it coming” for the so-called sins committed by their ancestral Church Fathers. Should blacks now enslave whites? Or be given an unfair advantage just because of the color of their skin? The list goes on.

I don’t know what this year will hold, but I do feel confident that we in America are on the right path to once again lead the way to a better future for all of humankind.

I am once again optimistic, energized by hope, and motivated to create.

How shall I spend my time? It’s totally up to me.

Now that’s something worth writing about.



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