Christmas Advent Calendar

Today I opened the 18th door and retrieved my small, chocolate treat.  Only seven more days to go….

Advent calendars are a fun way to count down the days until Christmas.  They come in many shapes and sizes, limited only by one’s imagination.

chocolate-adventThese special calendars usually begin on December 1st and mark off all the preceding days until Christmas in a unique way.  Each day contains a tiny treat or gift or verse hidden behind a “door” or “window” for all the 24 days leading up to, and sometimes including Christmas day itself.

Even though this started as a religious tradition from 19th century Germany, advent calendars have been largely secularized and can be enjoyed by anyone of any faith who celebrates a Christmas tradition.

I first learned about advent calendars during a trip to Germany during the height of the Christmas season.  It was a magical time, thanks to the many Christmas markets and old world traditions.

So like many before me, I now incorporate an advent calendar into my own Yuletide celebrations.  And since it’s just for me, and me alone, I always choose one that hides a luscious chocolate treat behind each of the cardboard doors.  beer-advent

But this year I found a truly unique calendar for my husband – The Brewer’s Advent Calendar.

This particular calendar holds 24 imported German beers.  So my hubby – a craft brewer himself – gets to open a beer a day!  From December 1 through December 24, each cardboard *window* contains a 16.9 oz can of premium imported beer.

And adding to the fun?  Each beer is a different blend.  He doesn’t know what type of brew each particular day holds until he pops open a calendar door.

So whether December 25th  holds the birth of baby Jesus or Yuletide or Santa Claus…or even Krampus(!), advent calendars are a fun way to count the days.





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