Manners in the USA

I am the unfortunate witness of an odious social trend.  I have watched it gain speed during the last decade and erupt into full bloom.  I see it now, being practiced every day, in all aspects of my beloved country’s society.  It is civilization’s nemesis.  It’s name is:


In today’s news, video captured the cast of Broadway’s musical “Hamilton” at curtain call singling out Vice President-Elect Pence, who was in the process of exiting the crowded theatre with his family.

From the stage, one of the actors (Brandon V. Dixon) read a prepared political statement that basically chastised Mr. Pence and his administration – who are barely two weeks past winning the General Election. Put simply – Dixon accused him of being racist.  He berated Mr. Pence, and by extension President-Elect Trump, for nonexistent ideals that are based on his own personal fear, perception, and assumption.

I find this behavior appalling.

Yet, apparently, there are many in our society who think this was perfectly acceptable since the cast members were “just exercising their right to free speech”.

Has polite society vanished?  I call this downright rude and inappropriate behavior.

Furthermore, when did our constitutional right of “free speech” endow citizens with additional rights to destroy property, or to injure others – whether it be verbal intimidation or physical violence?

Every day since the close of our General Elections, I’ve seen news reports where property is being destroyed during so-called “protests” and American citizens are being beaten, even murdered, in the streets because they voted for the “opposing” candidate, i.e. Trump/Pence.

(Yes, in this case I’m speaking of the Progressive Liberals who never seem to practice what they preach.)

When did this become acceptable behavior?

GOOD MANNERS is defined in the Oxford dictionary as a plural noun that means: “Polite or well-bred social behaviour.”  The free dictionary defines it as  a “courteous regard for people’s feelings.”  

Whereby rules of ETIQUETTE, are the guidelines that enable us to practice good manners. states:

“…proper etiquette is meant to help people get along with each other and avoid conflict. Respect, kindness, and consideration form the basis of good manners and good citizen-ship. Etiquette becomes the language of manners.”

In other words, it is good manners to be courteous to your dinner host.  So proper etiquette is arriving for dinner on time, etc.

History’s first published book on proper codes of behavior occurred in 2500 b.c., written by an Egyptian government official for benefit of his son.  And in eighteenth-century America, George Washington, at age fourteen, wrote the “Rules of Civility.”  The list of writers is long, and consistent – adapting to changing times as needed.

So, if proper manners for a civilized society have been a guiding course of behavior for thousands of years…  Why stop now?

Quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of having a bunch of self-righteous loud mouths shouting down disparate opinion.  They unjustly point their fingers and scream, “Racist! Homophobe! Islamophobe! Misogynist!” to anyone who opposes their narcissistic behavior or entertains another viewpoint.

It’s no different than the ‘Salem Witch Trials’.  When a group of selfish, misguided girls banded together and became drunk with power.  They pointed slanderous fingers and screamed, “Witch!”.

Look how that turned out.


This post is not about politics.  It is about good manners and proper etiquette. I am merely using the latest in national news as examples of bad behavior.



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