Bill of Frights – Published!

Happy April Fool’s Day!  But this is no joke.  It’s exciting times for The League of Eclectic Authors.  Our book, “Bill of Frights”, is published!

The kindle edition was released for sale on March 24th, and the soft-cover, bound edition was released for sale — today!  Here’s the link – you can use the “look inside” feature to see the table of contents and the first two stories:

Bill of Frights
Bill of Frights

Bill of Frights – a horror anthology

My contribution, Of Winter’s Curse, is about a woman who belatedly discovers that her family harbors an ancient secret that ultimately threatens the life of her fiance. Will she save him? Or will he fall victim to the countless others who dared love a woman ‘Of Winter’…

Those of us who live locally met with our publisher on March 29th to pick up our author copies – such a wondrous sight – stacks and stacks of OUR book!  We gleefully flipped through freshly inked pages, ran hands across glossy covers, and then held an autograph party … for ourselves.  Each of us sent a copy around the table so everyone present could autograph their story.

"Bill of Frights" by The League of Eclectic Authors (LEA)
Bill of Frights by The League of Eclectic Authors

We had another reason to celebrate too.  March 29th, coincidentally, was our 3rd anniversary as a writers’ group!  How sweet that our founders’ vision, “of talented, no-drama authors coming together to bring a D.C. anthology to life”, came to fruition on the anniversary of the group’s formation.  Our writers’ group totals about 30 now, and I feel so fortunate to be among such terrific folks and talented authors.

Afterwards we made plans for scheduling author readings-signings at various locations in the Washington, D.C. area plus a release party too.  We discussed progress on our next anthology and also everyone’s individual works too.  Next month, my novella, “Bennett House” will be reviewed by the group.  It’s a ghost story set in rural N.Y. during the early 1980’s.  But more on that later.






7 thoughts on “Bill of Frights – Published!

  1. Congratulations Robin!!! I’m really proud of you 🙂 I knew when I read that story in class it would be something special.

    Keep smiling,

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