Publishing Revolution

For the first time in history, authors have an opportunity to be in the driver’s seat.  With the advent of e-books, writers have the freedom to retain rights, set prices, and perhaps – earn a larger return.  It’s a new age of publishing, especially for fiction-writers.  

Yet, the lure of being published by a major traditional publishing firm is still alive and well.    

And while the self-publishing vs. traditional-publishing debate continues, more and more data is being made available, and we are beginning to see interesting trends.  

Hugh Howey, an American author who independently published through’s Kindle Direct Publishing system, recently posted an extensive look at today’s fiction-writer’s marketplace regarding the sale of e-books and the status of author earnings called, “The Report”.  Here’s the link:

My take-away from this is that the publishing revolution is well under way.  Yet, it “ain’t over until the fat lady sings”.  It’s going to be interesting to see what changes the Big Five and other traditional publishers make, if any.


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