After returning home from my second month-long voyage in Deutschland — I went back again for the holiday season which is a whole other story — I received the ultimate ‘Welcome Home’ message.  Confirmation that my short story, “Of Winter’s Curse” is to be published!

Thanks to my awesome writers group, The League of Extraordinary Authors, my short story will be published as part of an anthology of horror stories centered in or near the Washington, DC-metro area, written exclusively by members of our group.

Within a week of my plane landing on U.S. soil, I was meeting with fellow authors and our publisher, Pocol Press, to sign the required contract.  Our book is scheduled to be released around April or May of this year, in both print and kindle formats.

We’re still discussing cover art and title, as well as our group’s name – we need to see if there are official claims to “The League of Extraordinary Authors” – but I’ll let you know when we have a definite name and title.

Meanwhile, I’m still working on my ghost story…and sorting through the thousand pictures of my German extravaganza.

Auf Wiedersehen!


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