“The Reckoning” in review

The Reckoning is book 2 in a supernatural trilogy [written by Alma Katsu] that begins with “The Taker”. It “continues the stunning tale of an immortal woman at the heart of a 200 year love triangle who is grappling with the truth that the heart wants what it wants…no matter how high the stakes”.

I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend both The Taker and The Reckoning to fans of this genre. Both stories are very well written, reminding me of Anne Rice in style. It was an unexpected pleasure to find that Alma continues to tell her story with a fresh perspective on an age old theme and I eagerly turned pages all the way to the satisfying end. She manages to pack in suspense, romance, horror, and the supernatural invoking a wide range of emotion.

Her villain, Adair, is a complex figure in that I wasn’t sure whether I liked him, hated him, or pitied him – I was initially very afraid for Lanore’s welfare, but then I found myself rooting for him later on.

The leading lady, Lanore, is misery incarnate. She is so unlucky in love, first in being obsessed with Jonathan, her childhood sweetheart, and then ending up as the object of Adair’s obsession for the rest of eternity. Either way, it seems like this lady will lose but then the story twists and turns down unexpected paths for a richly woven story.

The Reckoning ends with a teaser about the real truth behind Adair’s ancient beginnings. I’m looking forward to reading Book 3 “The Descent”, to see how it all ends.


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