The Bumblebee Moth

It sounds like the title of a great, crime-fiction novel or perhaps a story of personal transformation that suffers a sting, but the Bumblebee moth, a/k/a Snowberry clearwing, is very much a real creature – courtesy of Mother Nature. 

I stumbled across this fascinating specimen whilst happily sniffing the clusters of blooming honeysuckle growing on the periphery of my yard.  It was such a big insect; he startled me at first by trying to share the same territory as my utopic nose! But I quickly saw that he wasn’t a true bumbly, he just looked like one.


bumblebee moth

I love species that find ingenious ways to outsmart predators. 

The Bumblebee moth is a member of the hawk-moth family, that just happens to act like a hummingbird and look like a stinging bumblebee. This clever disguise allows it to joyfully sup on nectar during the bright light of daytime sunshine; unlike it’s cousins that need to dine under the cloak of darkness in order to escape being something else’s main course.

There’s a great story in here somewhere, lol.


One thought on “The Bumblebee Moth

  1. What a cool, and unique visitor to your garden(s). “Don’t eat me. I’m a stinging bumblebee!” Nothing to see here….LOL!

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