So…where have I been?

So…where have I been?  There I was, steadily blogging at least twice a week and then poof – I disappear for almost a month.

It would be cool if I could report that someone waved a magic wand and I was transported into an alternate universe with no electronic devices.  Or that an evil witch tempted me into casting a spell that backfired, sending me into a land far away, busily fighting fire-breathing dragons on my quest to find Dorothy’s ruby slippers —

No.  The truth is a bit more mundane.  Simply put, I’ve been swamped with family visits!

This of course is a happy dilemma for which I will gladly put my writing on hold – for just a little while.  Although I must say, I deserve at least three gold stars for sacrificing my Internet access (for a solid week!!) in favor of my sister-in-law who had a laptop that mysteriously stole the household network.  What can I say?  I’m a gracious hostess.

And I’m not done yet.

I have more family arriving today and then again next week, visiting through to the end of this month.  Let me repeat, this is a joyous occasion.  I would walk through a bed of hot coals if it meant I would get more time with these beloved folks.

This just means that my posts will be sporadic over the next month or so.

My writing and reading goals are also a bit out of whack, but I have no doubt in being able to pick up where I left off as free time presents itself.  Namely:

1. Finish reading Alma Katsu’s new book “The Reckoning” and post a book review.

2. Write a short story for submission to my Writers’ Group, Sci-Fi Anthology WIP.  (I already have the story idea!)

3. Dust off my NaNoWriMo manuscript and reevaluate editing goals.

4. And then – make plans for new goals 🙂


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