The Reckoning

Little did I know, the UPS truck I just passed was making a delivery to my house.  I wasn’t expecting any packages and was surprised to find a manila envelope sitting by my door.  I felt the familiar shape of a hardcover book through the padding and saw it was shipped directly from Simon & Schuster/Gallery Books.  Gleefully, I tore open the envelope flap and pulled out an advance copy of Alma Katsu’s new book, “The Reckoning”!

The Reckoning is book 2 in a supernatural trilogy that begins with “The Taker”.  It “continues the stunning tale of an immortal woman at the heart of a 200 year love triangle who is grappling with the truth that the heart wants what it wants…no matter how high the stakes”.  YUM – right up my alley.

However, besides the fact that novels with paranormal/supernatural themes are among my favorite genres, Alma has been, and continues to be, an inspiration for my own writing.

I first met Alma during a Writers’ Group meeting at which she attended as the guest speaker.  Thanks to her candid discussion of her own experiences, I found the incentive to discover a path to jumpstart my own writing – which led to my most recent success.  My short story, “Of Winter’s Curse”, was selected for inclusion in a “DC Horror Anthology” that is about to enter the publishing process.

And every time I meet some nay-sayer preaching how impossible it is for a new author to break into the traditional publishing industry, I think of Alma’s hard work, dedication, and ultimate success.  It happened for her.  It can happen to others too. We just need to keep writing – and reading!

So TahTah for now.  It’s time for me to find a shady tree, sip some iced herbal tea, and get lost inside the pages of The Reckoning.


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