Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

So I bought the book…even though I thought I was done with vampire stories for a while.

As much as I love vampires and all, the whole entertainment industry has been flooded for quite some time – so lest I begin to detest the subject from over-familiarity (there are still some Beatles songs that I still cannot listen to today), I had planned to take a break from vampires for a bit.

But come on – Abraham Lincoln as a vampire hunter?  I just couldn’t resist.  Plus, it’s been made into a movie and I always like to read the story before seeing its onscreen rendition.

I haven’t finished reading it yet, I’m about 3/4 of the way through, so I’ll not waste your time here in giving a partial review.  Let’s just suffice it to say, I’m really enjoying this book and it’s an entertaining read 🙂

And the movie?  Definitely on my list of ‘want to see’ along with Dark Shadows.


4 thoughts on “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

  1. Guess I’ll have to read it after you’re done! You got a date for the movie? You married? Does it matter? I’ll take you to see it. ;o)

    1. Argh – that’s disappointing news about Dark Shadows, but can’t say I’m surprised. I’m never too sure whether Johnny Depp will be ‘over the top’ or not. Some of his movies are really good, others…eh. Thanks for the heads up 😉

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