Creative Writing Jumpstart

It seems fitting to start my blog with a salutation that WordPress uses to help a blogger’s first-time post, because it also harbors back to my early days as a computer programmer…

Hello World!

Seriously though, this blog is about writing fiction and publishing said fiction.  I hope to track my progress, document lessons-learned, help other writers on their journey to authorship, and meet friends along the way.  My grand scheme is to complete my first novel and have it published.

Tall order, I know.

But when I was employed as an IT Project Manager for the Federal government and confronted with a very large task that seemed overwhelming, my mantra to myself and fellow team members would be, “How do we eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”  It usually put things in perspective so that we could push aside doubts and just get started.  Writing a novel should be no different, right?

Well, I discovered that it was a teeny bit different.  I had no deadlines to meet, there was no crisis to solve (like threats to national security), and I had no employer expecting status reports, except maybe for myself…who was very easygoing and often agreed to plans such as picnics and hiking rather than achieving daily word counts and finishing outlines.

So I chose to enroll in a Creative Writing course through my local adult education program.  I heartily recommend this option to all those who find it hard to start or maintain momentum with their writing.  I now have a binder full of short stories, plot ideas, and character sketches.

But that’s another post…


7 thoughts on “Creative Writing Jumpstart

  1. Hey, Robin. Just curious, do you intend to write creative fiction for your readers or write about writing creative fiction? I have a creative-writing blog myself. Generally my entries are free-form, free-association, and impressionistic. Also, there’s some pretty racey stuff. Better read than said, I assure you. I have also started taping audio recordings which will inevitably sync up to my blog entries.

    1. Hi Mathew – thanks for visiting. My blog will be more about writing/publishing creative fiction, although I do intend to post some excerpts from stories and WIP from time to time. Your blog sounds like fun, I’ll make sure to check it out.

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